Starswept inspired make-up look | Tutorial

Mary Fan kindly sent me an ARC copy of Starswept and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful cover! I love the purple, blue and pink with the stars and silver. The inside of the book is beautiful as well! I made a little video clip on my Instagram, so make sure you check it out!

So back to Starswept: when I saw the cover I immediately had a make-up look inside my head, so I had to create it! Starswept is such a good book about aliens and love! If you also want to check out my review: click here!

1. First things first: primer! I also used a light brown shade in the crease to make it easier to blend the vibrant colours!
2. The second colour we're going to put in the crease is a dark purple.
3. Then some blue to make it even darker.
4. And the last colourful eyeshadow is a pink eyeshadow.
5. I wanted to recreate the stars and also the blinding letters from the cover, so I used a silver glitter eyeshadow.
6. Use the same purple and blue eyeshadow one your lower lash line.
7. Use a black gel liner to draw a little line so you can hide the false lashes better and also a bit on the upper waterline to darken the lash line.
8.  To make the look a little darker, use a purple eyeliner.
9. Then my favourite step: highlighter! I used a blueish and pinkish holographic shade to match the cover. 
10. Use some mascara (I used the Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume mascara) and lashes!
(As you can see in the picture of the lashes, I tried pulling them off the plastic, but by pulling them off, I kind of ruined them... I guess I need to buy a new pair because they look so beautiful!) 

11. I wanted to give the look something extra, so I decided to use rhinestones to kind of represent the stars. 
12. And the last step is lipstick: I used a blue lipstick because you can't see a lot of blue in the eyeshadow and the book has a lot of blue. To make it a little sparklier, I used some glitter on top. 
And that's it! ✨