Anatomy of a Misfit book inspired make-up look | Tutorial

I saw the cover of Anatomy of a Misfit and I knew I had to make an inspired look. I love all the colours combined and I immediately had this idea in my mind of a make-up look. I really liked reading Anatomy of a Misfit but it was a bit slow. The more I read, the more I enjoyed reading it. I do think that the book is not for everyone because it’s special. Make sure to check out the book on Goodreads!

1. First things first: priming the eyelids!
2. Use a light blueish green to match the background of the cover.
3. Use a light yellow to match the lettering and the chairs.
4. Use some orange in the outer corner to deepen the look a little (and to match the chairs).
5. Use a blue eye pencil and a matching eyeshadow to match the author’s name and the blue chair on the cover.
6. Use a gel liner to make your upper waterline darker and to draw a little line to hide the lash band later. 
7. I didn’t want to go full glam, so I decided to use some half lashes and mascara. 
8. Some highlight to finish the face make-up. 
9. And some lipstick! (I forgot to take a picture, so I’m just going to put the lipstick image, sorry!)
I hope you guys like this book inspired make-up look! 💛