Building Blocks of Life | Review

Title: Building Blocks of Life
Series:The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles #3.5
Author: Alec John Belle
Pages: 8 pages
Version: Ebook (ARCĂ 
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: ★★


First of all, I want to thank Alec John Belle for giving me an ARC copy of this book! Thank you so much! 

Building Blocks of Life gives us another look at the relation of Heather and Kadin. We see that they've met when Heather was younger and what their relation really means.

Building Blocks of Life is a short story that you can find in The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles: A Dark Discovery.

I really like Building Blocks of Life because it gives us yet another look at Heather and Kadin's relationship and you learn a lot more about them. You get to know that they've met before, but also what it really means for them to be separated...