Everyday eyeliner look | Tutorial

I love going wild with my make-up, but I also love wearing a simple look. I like to wear some eyeliner, winged or regular, so I decided to give you guys an everyday make-up look. If I’m in a hurry, I never wear eyeliner though. I really need to concentrate myself with the perfect wing. So this look is perfect for you if you’re either slaying the winged eyeliner or if you have time! I hope that you guys like this little tutorial as much as I liked creating it! (This is also the look for my current profile picture on my blog and my other social media!)

1. I look like crap in this picture, I know, but this was my morning face = tired + bags under my eyes! I used some concealer to hide my spots and my bags. I didn’t, set it with powder because it’s just a little concealer. I only use powder if I went crazy with my concealer. BTW, this is also the first time that I’ve started with my face and not my eyes!
2. Some blush to give my face some colour (I know, I need it because I’m pale AF!)
3. This highlight… I love it so much! Too bad that Kruidvat doesn’t sell it anymore 😢.
4. The trickiest part of this tutorial is eyeliner… I always struggle but I love eyeliner way too much. 
5. I love corner lashes and these make the look complete. They give something extra and I like it!
6. And the last step is lipstick! I really like wearing cool toned lipsticks and I decided to wear a cool toned lipstick because my blush was cool toned too!
I hope you guys like this everyday make-up look! 💜