September favourites 2017

TV shows/Movies
  • Famous in Love season 1
I’m not such a fan of Bella Thorne, so I wanted to test myself to see if I liked Famous in Love and hell yes I did! Famous in Love is such a funny and cute TV show and I couldn’t stop watching it! I cannot wait to see season 2! Click here to check out the trailer of season 1.
  • It 
Where do I begin? It was such an amazing movie and not that scary at all. I really love horror movies so I’m not scared easily. It had some weird moments and some scary moments, but there were so many times that I was laughing. The story is amazing and Bill SkarsgĂ„rd (Pennywise) is such a good actor! It is such a good movie and I cannot wait to watch the sequel! Make sure to check out the trailer.

  • The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis 
The Temptation of Adam is such a beautiful book. It gave me all the feels and I’m glad that I picked this book up. I learnt a lot about addictions, true friendship, … The Temptation of Adam is just wow! Make sure to check it out on Goodreads and you can always read my review if you’d like!
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han 
Always and Forever, Lara Jean is the last book in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series and I’m so sad. I don’t want this series to end because it’s so cute and I couldn’t stop smiling. This is one of my favourite contemporary book series! Make sure to add the first book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, on Goodreads!
  • The Graces by Laure Eve (Dutch edition)
I love reading about witches and magic and everyone was saying such good things about this book. I saw it in the library and I just had to bring it home with me. I’m so glad I did that! The Graces is such an interesting book and I cannot wait to have the sequel in my hands! If you’ve never heard of The Graces, make sure to check it out on Goodreads!
  • Running into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds
I got the chance to read Running into Love in advance and I really loved it. It such a nice contemporary/romance read. I couldn’t stop reading and I cannot wait to read the sequel! If you haven’t heard of this book yet, make sure to check it out on Goodreads and/or read my review!
  • Disney Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Collector’s Manga by Jun Asuka 
I’ve always been in love with Nightmare Before Christmas, or Tim Burton in general so I was so happy when I got to read it in advance! I really like Tim Burton’s style and the story of Nightmare Before Christmas! Make sure to check out my review, add it on Goodreads and definitely watch the trailer of the movie!

  • Essence Metal Art Lip & Eyeliner
Essence has come out with a lot of new products and I had to get my hands on it! I bought the Metal Art Lip & Eyeliner in a pink, blue and a bronze shade. These are so beautiful and amazing. Check out my September make-up expenses to see what I also bought from the new Essence collection!
  • Nyx Liquid Suede Metallic Matte: 39 Modern Maven
Nyx is by far my favourite make-up brand: it’s pigmented and affordable. Nyx also came out with a lot of new products and when I saw the swatches of the Liquid Suede Metallic Mattes, I just had to have them! They're so beautiful and I think that Modern Maven is the most beautiful shade in the range. Click here to check out the rest of the Liquid Suede Metallic Mattes.