Throne of Glass Dutch editions inspired make-up look | Tutorial

I love love love the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and Boekerij (a Dutch publishing company) decided to republish the series with some beautiful covers. There’s a dark blue background with light blue and some light blue and pink flowers, and I really like the covers. I just finished Queen of Shadows, or in Dutch: Koningin van de Schaduw and I loved it! I cannot wait to read the sequel!

If you’ve never read the Throne of Glass series, make sure to check out the first book: Throne of Glass

1. The first thing that I always do is putting on an eyeshadow base and then set it with a very light eyeshadow.

2. The first blue eyeshadow that I’ve used is a dark blue one to define the crease and give some dept.
3. The lines are a little harsh and dark, so that’s why I used a light blue/green eyeshadow to blend everything.
4. And the third eyeshadow that I’ve used is a pink one.
5. I’ve never done a winged eyeliner in one of my tutorials so I decided to do it now. To be honest, I don’t always do the same kind of wing. Sometimes long and thick and sometimes small and thin. It depends on my mood lol!
6. I thought that there had to be more light blue so I used a blue eyeliner and a smudged it with the same blue eyeshadow in step 3.
7. After I completed the eyeshadow look, I applied some mascara and false eyelashes.
8. I applied blush and highlight to give my face some definition.
9. And the last step is lipstick!

I hope that you like my inspired make-up look! 💙