Cat ears DIY | Halloween

I created a cat make-up look so I either had to buy cat ears or make them myself. I’ve been feeling really creative lately so I decided to make my own cat ears. The cat make-up look will be up later this week!

  • Headband
  • Wire (either jewellery wire or small and flexible garden/flower wire)
  • Beads (make sure that the wire fits through the beads)

So let’s start!

1. Cut a 60 cm length of wire. It’s a little too long, but just to be sure. Fold the wire in 2 and place the headband in the centre. I kind of placed the wire somewhere but because of the little thingies (don’t know the name 😅) I could count where I put the wire so that on the other side it’s even.
2. Twist the wire until you think it’s enough and then place a bead on one of the two wires.
3. After placing the bead, you need to twist the wire again. Continue twisting and placing the beads until you have the desired number of beads and make sure to bend the wire into the shape of a cat's ear.
4. When you’ve reached the end, fold the wire and twist it a little.
5. Cut off the excess wire and you’re finished!

I hope you guys like this DIY! 👻🎃❤