Cat make-up look tutorial | Halloween

And the third Halloween make-up look is up on my blog! It’s already the third one! October is going so fast! For my third Halloween look I wanted to create a cat look because I love cats, I have a black cat and black cats are typical for Halloween. I hope that you guys like my cat look and let’s get started! 

I also made these cat ears myself! I have a DIY post about it, so make sure to check it out!

1. Draw the lines of the big wing.
2. Fill in the wings.
3. Draw whiskers and the outline of the nose and upper lip.
4. Fill in the nose and connect the nose to the upper lip.
5. Fill in the lip with black lipstick.
6. Put on some highlight.
7. And the final step is mascara and lashes.
And you’re finished! 👻🎃❤