Frostbite's Fury | Review

Title: Frostbite’s Fury 
Series: The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles #4
Author: Alec John Belle
Version: Ebook (Wattpad)
Rating: ★


Frostbite’s Fury is the fourth book in The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles and is available on Wattpad. This is the first time that Alec John Belle uploaded a book before it’s been published. He wrote some books on Wattpad, the Fear Games and he’s currently writing Gods Like Us. After uploading the full book, he’s going to let someone edit it and then publish it in physical format.

Frostbite’s Fury continues the story of Harper and her friends Kristen, Kadin, Frostbite and Hayden. It’s been awhile since the crazy stuff happened so everyone’s going to school again, including Kadin and Frostbite. One day after Hayden’s got his wings, there’s this big storm and Harper, Kristen, Kadin and Hayden are locked up at school. They can’t go out because of the abnormal storm. But who has caused this storm and why?

Frostbite’s Fury is such an amazing sequel. I probably say this in every review, but that’s just the truth. I love Alec John Belle’s writing. It’s so fluent and his books are really fast paced. I also really liked the fact that he uploaded every chapter on Wattpad because I was always so curious for the next chapter and I didn’t really know when the next chapter would be uploaded. It really keeps us interested.

Frostbite’s Fury is such an easy, interesting read but also heartbreaking. There’s this death and God I cried… I love Alec John Belle and I cannot wait to read Angel’s Rage (which will also be uploaded chapter by chapter on Wattpad)!