6 Oct 2017

How I decorate my room for Halloween | Halloween

I love decorating my room for Halloween and Christmas. For Halloween I like to decorate my room with string lights, mini pumpkins and conifer cones. I have bat string lights, spook string lights and pumpkin string lights. The bat string lights are by far my favourite string lights because they’re purple! The spook string lights are the string lights that I bought this year (you might have seen it if you follow me on Twitter).

I like to decorate my book shelves with string lights. My first shelf is decorated with the bat string lights, and the second shelf is decorated with the spook lights.
Here’s a close up of the bat string lights:
And another close up of the spook string lights:
I have so many books that I have a small cabinet with books on top, and I decorated this cabinet with pumpkin string lights. Here’s a close up:
I also decorated my second shelf with mini pumpkins and conifer cones:
And the last thing that I used to decorate my room with, are two yarn pumpkins that I created last year. I have a DIY for those pumpkins if you’re interested!
I don’t do too much for Halloween, but I still like what I’ve done to my room. Do you decorate your room for Halloween? 🎃❤


  1. Did you get those lights from primark? I was just there today and they have the cutest selection of fairy lights!! I also love those fale leaves!! xx

    1. I actually got them from Action (a store in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany,... with a lot of cheap products!) But I love the lights from Primark as well! Thanks for the comment!😘


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