Pumpkin make-up look tutorial | Halloween

And this is my fourth and last make-up tutorial for Halloween. I’m kinda sad that’s already over, I love Halloween so much! I even think that it’s my favourite period of the year. But let’s not be too sad because I might do Christmas themed blog posts and make-up looks in December. I already have some ideas, but I’m not sure if I can do an entire month because I have to study for my exams in December. But, let me know if you think this is a good idea!
For this Halloween look we’re going to create a cute pumpkin look because pumpkins are Halloween. I hope you guys like my last Halloween look and are excited for next year (or Christmas)! 

1. Prime your eyelids and set it with an eyeshadow.
2. Use an orange and brown eyeshadow in the crease.
3. Blend a yellow/orange eyeshadow with the other eyeshadows in the crease.
4. And the last colour we’re going to blend in the crease is a vibrant orange to make the look a little more orange. (I made these separate steps because it would make the collage a lot smaller.)
5. Use a gold/copper eyeshadow on the eyelid.
6. Draw a little line just above your lash line with a brown pencil. We’re also going to use the same pencil in the waterline.
7. Smudge the liner with the same orange and brown eyeshadow from point 2.
8. Use some highlight to brighten everything.
9. Make 2 blush circles with 2 different shades or orange.
10. Draw the mouth of the pumpkin with a black gel liner (I do recommend using SFX paint because the liner can crack easily).
11. Fill in the lips with black lipstick.
12. Draw the nose with black liner and fill it in with orange eyeshadow.
13. And the last step is mascara and falsies.

And you’re finished! 👻🎃❤