Spook make-up tutorial | Halloween

My first Halloween tutorial!!! Are you guys as excited as I am? A long time ago I saw a picture from Sanne (booksandquills) where she drew these spooks on her face for Halloween and I thought it was so cute! If you’re not into Halloween that much, but you want to do something for Halloween: this is the ideal look. It’s easy and not too much. I hope you guys like this look and will recreate it! Keep on reading to know how I’ve created this look!

1. Draw the lines of your spooks. I decided to make them white, so if I made mistakes, it was easier to remove them.
2. Fill in your spooks with white paint.
3. Outline the spooks with black paint and draw a face on both of the spooks.

4. Make your eyeliner as sharp as a knife.
5. Use some mascara and put on some falsies.
6. And put on some lipstick!

And that’s it! 👻🎃❤