Top 5 favourite Halloween looks | Halloween

I love love love Halloween looks so I decided to share my favourite Halloween looks from 2017. I follow a lot of awesome YouTubers and these 5 looks are from YouTube channels I follow! Keep in mind that these looks are not in a specific order!

1. Laura Leth’s Pink & Purple Glitter Unicorn
I love Laura Leth, she’s so talented and beautiful! I love unicorn tutorials and when I stumbled upon this look, I immediately fell in love! You can find this look on YouTube and on her blog!

2. NinkComPoop’s Gothic Alice in Wonderland
I love NinkComPoop’s version of Alice in Wonderland. It’s so dark and cute and also easy to recreate! You simply got to buy a Alice in Wonderland dress (or if you’re creative, you can make it yourself) and do a dark smokey look with red tears. You can find this look on YouTube!

3. Jordan Hanz’s Pennywise
I love It and Jordan Hanz created an amazing version of Pennywise. Jordan Hanz is so talented and I love her Hanzoween series! You can find this look on YouTube!

4. Shaaanxo’s Spider look
I love Shaaanxo and when she created this cute spider look, I just had to share it. I’ve created a spider look myself so when I saw this one, I was sad that I’d already made mine. I love this look and definitely the purple! You can find this look on YouTube!

5. Evelina Forsell’s Grungy Pumpkin
I love Evelina Forsell because she’s so original and I love her style! I think that this pumpkin look is so cool and so different from my pumpkin look but a good different. I like the eye look and the lips. I cannot wait to recreate it myself! You can find this look on YouTube!