Moonstruck inspired make-up look | Tutorial

So you all know that I love every book that Nikki Rae’s written and now with her new book, Moonstruck, I just had to create an inspired make-up look! Moonstruck is such a beautiful cover with the black, pink and the hint of blue. In my look I did black in the crease, pink on the eyelid and blue on the inner corner to accentuate the blue eyes from the cover. I hope you guys all love this look and make sure to check out the book on Goodreads and feel free to read my review

1. Apply primer and a light shade so there’s an even canvas. Put a light-brown eyeshadow in the crease to make easier to apply the black in the crease.

2. Put black eyeshadow in the crease to create a dark look. Try to make the eyeshadow go into a wing to give it some more drama.

3. After the black, apply pink eyeshadow on the lid.

4. Draw a small line with gel liner to make it easier to hide the lash band. Apply gel liner on the waterline as well.

5. Smudge the gel liner with black eyeshadow.

6. Put on a bright pink highlighter.

7. Make the lips vampy by applying a black lipstick.

8. And the last step is lashes. I’ve never done my lashes as the last step, but these are a little harder to apply, so I wanted to take my time when the lipstick was drying.

And that’s the finished look! 🖤