Black & gold liner Christmas/New Year's make-up look | Tutorial

My third look is a black & gold liner which is perfect for Christmas or NY if you’re more advanced in winged liner. It’s maybe a little difficult, but still manageable if you have patience. Another tip is to practise before Christmas or NY or you’re in trouble. I have these days that my winged liner doesn’t want to cooperate and then it’s almost time and I still have to eat and all, so practice so you get the hang of it! 
I wanted to use a gold liner and not just a black liner because it gives something extra. Again, I used red lipstick but it’s a typical Christmas/NY lipstick so I couldn’t not use it!

And for some reason, I don’t look as pale as usual on this picture lol!

1. Prime Prime Prime. And set it with a light eyeshadow (I forgot to put a cute snow flake on the light shade, sorry!).

2. I first want to say that I forgot to take 2 separate pictures, so here’s one. I used a light brown shade in the crease and then a gold shimmer on my lid.

3. The first thing that I did was draw the gold liner and then go over it with a black liner. If you mess up with the black liner, just let it dry and then use the gold liner to correct your mistakes.

4. Mascara to give your lashes some colour.

5. And false lashes to give your lashes more volume.

6. Use a gold highlighter to match the eyes.

7. And use a red lipstick because it matches beautifully with gold.

I hope you guys will try this black & gold liner! 🎄🌟