Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland winter collection 2017 | Review

I was thinking of what I could do for Christmas inspired posts and then I stumbled upon the Essence winter collection. So let’s get into this review!

The Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland collection contains:
  • Highlighter:
    01 Sprinkle Fairy Dust Wherever You Go
  • Eyeshadow Palette:
    01 One Way Road To Fairyland
  • 2 Dazzling Eye & Lip Pencils:
    01 Pink Dreams Are Made Of
    02 Chrome Into My Life
  • Lashes
    01 Take Me To Wonderland
  • Eyebrow & Lash Top Coat:
    01 Pink Dreams Are Made Of This
  • 3 Pure Glitter Lipsticks:
    01 Chrome Into My Life
    02 Pink Dreams Are Made Of This
    03 Elfin Whispers
  • 3 Melted Chrome Nail Polishes:
    01 Elfin Whispers
    02 Pink Dreams Are Made Of This
    03 Chrome Into My Life
    04 Beat The Winter Blues
  • Colour Changing Lipbalm:
    01 Just A Daydream Away

First of all, I want to say that they weren’t that creative with the names… Every colour has the same name: silver is ‘Chrome Into My Life’, pink is ‘Pink Dreams Are Made Of This’ and purple is ‘Elfin Whispers’. They were a lot more creative in the Halloween collection.

The first product I’m going to talk about is the lashes. At first, I thought they were going to be really good and beautiful, but when I tried to put them on, they didn’t want to fit on my eye. I’ve played with them so they’d become easier to bend, but they didn’t want to fit the curve of my eye. In the picture at the bottom of this review you’ll see how difficult they were to apply. 

Then I have a beautiful chrome eye pencil. The silver is so beautiful because it’s chrome and when I swatched it on my hand, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. When I tried it on my eye, it was really nice and good-looking.

The highlighter is really cute. In the pan it looks really blinding, but in reality it’s more a glitter highlighter than a blinding highlighter. I was contemplating whether or not I was going to buy the highlighter because I don’t always like glittery highlighters, but then I was thinking of all the amazing looks that I could create. I’m happy that I’ve bought it, because it looks so beautiful on the skin! I used it in my Silver Christmas/New Year's make-up look.

And the last product I’ve bought is also the worst product I’ve brought. I was excited to try out a coloured mascara because again, I could create amazing looks with a coloured mascara. Unfortunately it was so bad. I tried applying the mascara but I just left all these pink spots and there was barely anything on my lashes. And when I tried to remove it, it stained my skin. My skin turned pink for almost an entire day.

I wish I could say that I love this collection, but I don’t. I really like the eyeliner and the highlighter, but that was it. This is such an awful collection… At least now you know what you don’t have to buy for your Christmas or New Year's look! 🎄🌟