Green & Red Christmas make-up look | Tutorial

Hi guys! This is my first every Christmas look and I’m so excited! I love Christmas because it brings our families together and everyone is always happy. For my first look I wanted to do something really Christmassy and really colourful. I decided to go for a green and red look to represent the original Christmas colours. In the picture it may seem that it’s pinker than red, but this was the reddest shade I own and I couldn’t find a beautiful red shade (I went to different make-up and drugstores). I hope you guys like this look and keep reading to figure out how I’ve created this look! 

1. I always have the same first step in all my tutorials: priming your eyelids. It may seem stupid, but it does help! It makes the colours brighter because there’s an even canvas (no visible veins, …). And set it with a light eyeshadow (I forgot to put a cute snow flake on the light shade, sorry!).

2. Use a light-brown eyeshadow as a transition shade.

3. Use a dark green in the crease. 

4. Use a bright red as lid colour and as lash line colour. You can choose whether you want a matt eyeshadow or a shimmer eyeshadow.

5. For winged liner, I used my gel liner because my liquid liner was empty. I do recommend using a liquid liner because this gel liner can crack and your wing won’t be perfect any more.

6. Put some mascara on your lashes, as well as some false lashes.

7. Highlight everything that you can highlight – because who doesn’t love a highlighter?

8. And the last step is lip liner and liquid lipstick!

I hope you guys like this look as much as I do! 🎄🌟