How I decorate my room for Christmas & New Year

Like I mentioned in my Halloween room decorations post, I love decorating my room. For Christmas I like to decorate my room with a small Christmas tree, different kinds of tinsel, baubles, and some little snow flakes.

When you enter my room, you can directly see my little Christmas tree. I decorated it with silver, pink and black baubles, a silver tinsel and a snow flake on top. Underneath the Christmas tree there are some little snow flakes.

I like to decorate my book shelves with tinsel. I also decorate my star string lights with a small tinsel just to give it something extra.

And the last thing that I do is decorate the rest of my room with all the other baubles I have left. I have 1 big Harry Potter bauble so that one is situated with my Harry Potter books and movies. Then I have some small silver baubles that are everywhere!

I hope you guys like this short post on how I decorate my room! 🎄🌟