Silver Christmas/New Year's make-up look | Tutorial

This is already my second look and I’m so excited for Christmas and NY! This silver make-up look is such an easy but also classy make-up look. The only tricky part of this look is the winged liner. If you’re not a pro in winged eyeliner, you can always skip that step and do the rest of the look.
I wanted to create a silver look because it’s not too much but also really beautiful for Christmas or NY. I paired it with a red lip because that’s something common for Christmas or NY and I thought it looked nice with the look. 

1. First things first: prime you eyelids! And set it with a light eyeshadow (I forgot to put a cute snow flake on the light shade, sorry!).

2. Use a light-brown/greyish eyeshadow in the crease.

3. Use a silver glitter shade. I went for the Nyx Prismatic Shadows in Smoke & Mirror, but you can go for a lighter shade.

4. Use a liquid liner to create a winged liner – yes I bought a new one 😉

5. Use a silver liner in your waterline to brighten your eyes and to give it something extra.

6. Use mascara – preferably waterproof because you’ll be crying and laughing the entire time! 

7. Put on some  false lashes. 

8. Highlight your entire face – I used the Essence winter collection one.

9. And put on some red lipstick to make the look complete! 

I hope you guys love this look and will recreate it! 🎄🌟