Choker collection

I LOVE LOVE LOVE chokers. I almost wear it every day. I think it gives your look something extra and it's kinda grungy and that matches my clothing and make-up style. I've been wearing chokers even before it became a trend. The good thing about it being a trend is that you can find chokers everywhere. You can find it online, clothing stores and accessory stores. I bought most of my chokers on the AliExpress website. They are cheap and beautiful. The rest I bought in H&M, Claire's, New Look and Primark!

From AliExpress:

A tip for the AliExpress ones: they might be a little long, so you just open the ends with a pair of pliers (or any other kind) and just cut a little of the fabric. After cutting a little part, just close the ends again with a pair of pliers and you're done!

From H&M:

From Claire's:

From New Look:

From Primark:
(The choker from the picture above is burgundy-coloured)
(These 3 pictures ↑ are taken on a different day, that's why they look different)

And I got 1 choker from someone, so I don't know where she bought it:

I hope you guys liked this post and let me know which one is your favourite! 🖤