8 Jan 2018

December favourites

  • Off Limits by Clare Connelly
Off Limits is such a steamy romance book! I didn’t have any expectations, but wow! Off Limits blew me away! Make sure to check it out on Goodreads and keep an eye out for my review!
  • Show Me by Abigail Storm
Show Me is a cute romance book about space and astronauts. I started reading in Show Me and I couldn’t stop reading! It’s so good and I highly recommend it! Don’t forget to check it out on Goodreads and keep an eye out for my review!

TV shows
  • Younger
Younger is such an amazing TV show! I was looking for something new because I didn’t feel like continuing Stranger Things (I don’t know why). My friend used to rave about this show, so I just had to look it up and I don’t regret it! The episodes are only 20 minutes long so you just have to marathon them! Click here to check out the trailer.

Other things
  • R2D2 T-shirt
I love love love Star Wars and I went to Primark in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) with my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist buying this cute T-shirt! 
  • Cactus tote bag 🌵
I bought this cute cactus tote bag via a project from my high school. This team is selling cactus-related products and the profit of this project goes to an organisation in Mol (Belgium).

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