11 Jan 2018

Ordnance | Blog tour

Title: Ordnance
Series: The Fixer #1
Author: Andrew Vaillencourt
Pages: 353 pages
Release date: 7 april 2017
Blog tour: 8-14 January 2017
Roland Tankowicz wasn’t even legally a person anymore.
The aging cyborg had never really recovered from being betrayed and enslaved by his superiors in the Army, and the final insult of being permanently classified as “defunct military ordnance” had been a bitter pill to swallow. Now, he spent most of his time drinking beer and working as a fixer for the crime families in 25th-century Boston. It was easy money if you were the kind of guy who was bullet-proof and could pick up a house.
But then Lucia Ribiero stumbled into his favorite watering hole dragging a squad of bounty hunters behind her. Shadows from his own dark past, and old debts still unpaid conspired to drive the old war-horse out for one more mission. Like any good soldier, the mission is all that matters for Roland. 
Linked by a shared connection to her kidnapped father, the duo will face veritable armies of criminals, mutants, cyborgs, and corporate executives as they search for the missing man. The secrets of the Ribiero family are exposed as they approach the center of the labyrinth, and Lucia’s mental and physical issues present an even deeper mystery than her father’s disappearance. 
Roland will have to face the horror of his past one more time, and Lucia will need to get a grip on her future if they expect to survive a running battle with an entire galaxy’s worth of mad science gone awry; and ultimately prevent a terrible history from repeating itself.
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Lucia Ribiero was panicking again, and she hated herself for it. Watching some terrifying giant smash and kill a bunch of robots in a bar was more than she was ready to deal with, which was an entirely understandable limitation to her worldview, she felt. That her father had been kidnapped and whoever did it had sent a bunch of cyborgs and robots to get her added a new dimension to her terror. That was a level of distress she was categorically unprepared to deal with. She worked in advertising for crying out loud, this was not how her days usually went.

Lucia tried to give herself credit where it was due. She was as tough as anyone, and smarter than most, but this was all too much. The day really hadn’t started out that bad to be honest, so the rate and scale of its deterioration into the current state of affairs was quite significant and disheartening.

It had all started with a quick stop at the corner coffee bar for a latte, which was nice. Lots of normal days started with lattes and lattes were a perfectly nice way to start a day. After that, she went into the office where she was the VP of Customer Engagement for a large beverage distributer. It was a meaningless title for a meaningless job at a meaningless company, but the pay was fantastic and the people were nice. With the unemployment rate over 14%, it was just nice to have a job at all right now; so she didn’t complain. Work had been fine, and all she had to do before getting home and soaking in a nice warm bath with a good cabernet, was to stop in to see her father for a bit. That’s just a lovely damned day in general, and Lucia had no reason to doubt that this is exactly how it would go.

Lucia had been visiting her father a lot, due to a sudden increase in migraines and anxiety attacks lately. Her feeling of overall jumpiness had gotten rather pervasive, and she wondered if it wasn’t time to see her psychiatrist about a prescription. Donald Ribiero was an excellent neurologist and biotechnologist and had been supervising her treatment himself for the present. The headaches were much better under his care, but she could not shake the feeling that the whole world was moving slower than she remembered. She should probably lay off the lattes, but Lucia loved coffee more than sanity, so that was not likely to happen.

When she dropped in to see her father earlier, she had been unprepared to find the place in complete disarray and her father gone. His beautiful top-floor apartment was always in perfect order; so, finding it a mess was a very clear indicator that something was terribly wrong. A meticulous man, Donald Ribiero was not the type to tolerate that kind of untidiness under any circumstances, and certainly not if he was going out. Don was the type of old coot who would occasionally bring a lady back for a nightcap, and he liked his place to be tidy for just such a case.

A girl would have to be into some weird stuff to want to hang out in the apartment as she had found it. Every stitch of her father’s clothing was pulled out of his closets and drawers and strewn about the place. His antique hardwood desk had been torn apart, and the carpet peeled back from the wall in places. The kitchen cabinets were open and the contents pulled onto the floor where they sat in messy piles of cookware and utensils. His mattress was off the bedframe and left askew as if whoever had tossed the place simply dropped it when it became obvious that it was not hiding anything. Every piece of furniture was shifted or thrown over. Lucia did not need a tin star on her chest to work out that the place had been professionally ransacked. That was the first time today she had panicked.

Ninety seconds after getting to her father’s apartment, her comm had buzzed to tell her she had a message. She was not ready for what it had said.


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