College update #3

It’s been awhile since I wrote a college update and I’m sorry for that. I wasn’t really feeling it last year. It’s been a rough year with my grandma passing away and failing some classes. I just wasn’t feeling it but this year my exams went well and I have more motivation than last year!
If you haven’t read my first college update or my second college update, make sure to check it out so you get the whole story.

So when I started college in September again, I had more motivation than the year before. I was motivated to pass French this time, and I was making a bigger effort for college. I also started going to a school counsellor and then a therapist who also motivated me.

My exams were in January and I wasn’t so sure if I was going to pass them. I couldn’t concentrate when I was studying and there wasn’t much motivation either. But during the exam period, I tried my best to study and I am happy to say to you guys that I passed all my exams. Here are my grades:

Business English: 13/20
Business French: 14/20
Conversation Management: 15/20
Corporate Communication: 12/20
Excel: 14/20
Multilingual communication: 12/20

I couldn’t believe that I passed all my exams. I was having dinner at a restaurant with my boyfriend for our four-year anniversary and I was anxiously checking my phone to see if I already got a mail for my grades. When I finally did, I saw my grades and I instantly had tears in my eyes, happy tears. I’m also glad that my boyfriend, parents, sister and grandpa were really proud of me, so that gave me a really good feeling.

Now it’s already February and I’m in my second week of the second semester. I’m still really motivated, probably because of my good grades, so I will hope that this motivation will stick until the end of my semester!