I bought a Bullet Journal

I finally bought a Bullet Journal! I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful Bullet Journal posts and I was always wondering whether I should or should not buy one. I am a very creative person, but I always thought I wasn’t good enough to start a Bullet Journal. I didn’t have the most beautiful handwriting or my drawings weren’t always that pretty. I always thought about the negative parts until Sarah started posting Bullet Journal pictures on her Snapchat story.
Sarah is such a creative person, she has an amazing job at Lush, a beautiful Instagram feed and the best YouTube channel ever. She started her Bullet Journal in November, and she started posting pictures of her Bullet Journal on Snapchat. I saw these stories and I started feeling very creative and I wanted to buy a Bullet Journal as well. I talked about it to her, and she encouraged me to buy one. That said, I was looking up pictures on Pinterest for inspiration and now I have a beautiful Bullet Journal Board on my Pinterest.

I was talking to Sarah about her Bullet Journal in January, but I didn’t buy one immediately. In January I had my exams so it wasn’t the best idea to go buy one because then I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to study at all. I was already having some difficulties with studying because I got distracted easily and everything was more interesting than my summaries. But, after my exams, I finally bought a Bullet Journal.

My Bullet Journal is from Action and it only costs €2 which is very cheap. It contains 150 pages so I can definitely write and draw a lot!

I also bought some cute pens so I could make my Bullet Journal very colourful. The pens that I bought are €1.49 per set and I bought them at Kruidvat.

I also bought some cute stickers. I saw them at Kruidvat as well and I couldn’t put them down. They looked so cute and adorable, I just had to have them! They are €0.49 and they are from Diana Leeflang’s collaboration with Kruidvat. 
And the last things that I use are a black fineliner pen (0.4) and a mechanical pencil. I use a mechanical pencil because it’s a smaller pencil so it’s easier to draw fine lines. 

The last thing that I wanted to put in this blog post are the links to the inspiration I got from other people as well as my Pinterest Board:
I am definitely going to write more Bullet Journal posts because I really like Bullet Journaling and let me know whether you have a Bullet Journal or not and maybe send me some inspiration!