Sentient | Review

Title: Sentient
Series: The Mentalist Series #2
Author: Kenechi Udogu
Pages: 155 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kenechi Udogu!

Sentient is the sequel to Aversion and continues the story of Gemma and Russ. Gemma finally discovered that she’s a Progressive Empath and is now trying to figure out how to work with her new abilities. She doesn’t really know what to think of her and Russ’ Sentient link and she’s also plagued with nightmares…

Sentient is an amazing sequel and I couldn’t wish for a better sequel. Sentient starts were Aversion left off and it’s easy to follow. You get immediately sucked into Gemma’s world and her problems. Sentient, like Aversion, is a fast-paced book with an interesting theme.

I really liked that there was some good character development. Gemma was really unsure of her abilities and her Sentient link with Russ, but at the end of the book she was more confident and trusted her Sentient link more than in the beginning. Russ has always been good to Gemma and has always been there for her. I think it would be so frustrating for Russ to be in love with Gemma and he’s not allowed to touch her. But, like the good friend he is, he gives Gemma her space. I really like Gemma and Russ’ relationship and I cannot wait to read more about the two of them.

Sentient was such a good book and I cannot wait to read the third book, Keepers!