Not enough time

Lately, I’ve been feeling really anxious because it feels like that I don’t have enough time for everything. To do college and my blog, to see friends and catch up with my homework. It just feels that I don’t have enough time and I don’t know what to do about it.

I’ve been blogging since I was 17, so I was still in high school. We had a lot of homework, but still manageable. I wasn’t constantly thinking about school and homework because I wasn’t that anxious during high school. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my anxiety back then, but it was more social anxiety, being scared to talk to people and being afraid that I was going to say something wrong, than anxiety over school and time.

The first year in college, I didn’t have that much anxiety about time either. I was just doing my homework, reading a lot of books and writing blog posts here and there. I always had a blog post ready, whether it was a tutorial or a review, and I still had enough time to do my homework. My time anxiety really started this college year.

This year I’ve been struggling with my creativity. I constantly think that my blog posts aren’t good enough because I always write book reviews and some make-up tutorials, and it makes me feel like that I don’t upload anything good or anything creative because it’s always the same. Or I think that people only look at my blog for either my book-related stuff or my make-up-related stuff and then I just feel like crap. And due to these feelings and tons of homework. It feels like that I don’t have enough time to be a full-time college student and a blogger at the same time.

I constantly need to find the time to read books so I can write book reviews, I need to find creativity and inspiration to make new make-up tutorials, I need to think about lifestyle topics that I want to write about and at the same time I need to be able to finish all my homework, learn for my tests, prepare for my exams and internship. So as you can read, you can probably see that I’m really anxious about my time. I keep thinking that I don’t have enough time and it just sucks!

And then you all probably think that I am going to say to you that I found the perfect solution to my ‘problem’? Well, I gotta disappoint you. The last couple of days I’ve been watching Netflix or TV all the time instead of doing something for college or my blog… I know, I’m such a good student/blogger… But I did make a planner and a to do list so perhaps these two things are some tips I can give you! Feel free to give me some tips because they’re really welcome at the moment!