Top 5 ways of trying to be healthy in 2018

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I had the idea of becoming healthier because if I really think about all the things I do, I’m not always that healthy. I do eat a lot of healthy food and I go to the gym but there are more things that I can do to be healthier. I know I'm a bit late with this since it's already March, but hey, better late than never!

1. Stick to going twice a week to the gym
It may not sound much but it’s hard for me to stick to going twice a week to the gym. I don’t know why but I never want to go or I never find the energy to go. Most of the time I have to go to the gym on my own and it doesn’t really motivate me. I’m in a desperate need for a gym buddy!

But I want to keep going to the gym and therefore I’m going to make a monthly habit page in my Bullet Journal to keep track of me going to the gym. And at the end of the month, I can see how well or how bad I did that month.

2. Change from using sugar to sugar substitute
When I drink tea or eat yoghurt, I always put so much sugar in it and I’m trying not to. I know a little sugar here and there won’t kill you but I don’t want to eat too much sugar. For my tea I’m using sugar mixed with sugar substitute to make it a little healthier and for my yoghurt I just use a sugar substitute. I want to use these products because I drink tea almost every day and I eat yoghurt maybe twice a week or more. These small changes will help, in my opinion.

3. Drink tea instead of soda
When I was younger I rarely drank soda, but when I got older I drank more soda. It’s not that I drink a lot of soda, maybe once or twice a week but I never drink sodas without sugar so if you count all the sugar that I drink… Yeah, I don’t want to do that either. I’m planning on drinking more water and tea because it’s healthier and with less sugar. 

I only drink soda when I’m at my family’s place or my boyfriend’s place. It’s not that I can really drink water or tea when the people I visit don’t have it (yes I mention water because I drink water from the tap and not every town has ‘delicious’ water), but luckily my boyfriend’s mother drinks tea so I can always drink tea there.

It may sound stupid that I want to change that habit because I don’t really drink a lot of soda, but again I think that these small changes will help.

4. Eat more healthily
I have always eaten my veggies and I always take 2 pieces of fruit to college, so it’s not that I am not healthy I just want to eat healthier food. I want to try and eat less sugar and eat food with more vitamins or more calcium, …

I have bought more kinds of fruit. I used to eat the regular stuff such as apples and pears, but since I started working at a vegetable and fruit store  (in 2014)  I discovered a lot more fruits that I enjoy eating. So now I eat mango, persimmon, prunes, berries, … It’s not that of a big deal, but it feels like being healthier.

And lately, I’m loving muesli with low-fat yoghurt and it’s actually healthy. There isn’t much fat in the yoghurt and the muesli contains dried berries and stevia, so no real sugar. I add a tiny bit of sugar substitute because the yoghurt is a bit bitter, but it’s still healthy. I started eating this yoghurt since January because my mum’s been eating it for such a long time I wanted to try it out as well. You can choose any kind of yoghurt, but the muesli that I love is the Delhaize Crunchy Muesli – Bosvruchten (EN: Forest Fruits) and the Delhaize Crunchy Muesli – Appel (EN: Apple). It’s only €2.29 and €2.09 for 300 gr so it’s not that expensive either. For all those Dutchies out there reading this blog post, click here to check out the Forest Fruits muesli and here to check out the Apple muesli.

5. Drink more water
Most of the time, I’m drinking either water or tea. At school, I always drink water but it feels like that I don’t drink enough water. So that’s another thing I want to work on in 2018. I want to be able to drink 1.5 l to 2 l a day. I always see Shannon (Shaaanxo) drinking from this big pink water bottle and she inspires me to drink more water, lol. That's, of course, not the only reason I want to drink more water. Drinking water has made my skin softer and it has a lot of other advantages. Water helps our brain function and gives us more energy. It can also reduce headaches and, of course, hangovers.

I’m sure that there are a lot more advantages, but I don’t want to sum up everything and make this blog post boring. I hope that you guys found this blog post interesting or helpful and let me know what healthy habits you have!