Top 5 favourite music bands

I don’t normally make these kinds of posts that are not really related to make-up, books, … But I still wanted to make this blog posts so that you guys could get to know me a little better. Not all of you know that I love listening to metalcore and hardcore music and that’s why I made this post.

1. Architects
I’ve been a fan of Architects for such a long time and I listened to every album a million times. Architects is such a good band, not only for their music but also for what they stand for. One time at a festival, there was this guy touching a girl and the lead singer, Sam Carter, saw that and he made a statement during the performance that it’s not okay. Also, when I saw them live last year, Sam said some beautiful things about Tom, who passed away because of cancer. I think it’s so beautiful that Sam and the rest of the band still think about Tom!

My favourite album: Lost Forever//Lost Together
My favourite song: Heartburn (The Here and Now)
Number of times I’ve seen them live: 2

2. Being As An Ocean
Being As An Ocean is such a special band, in my opinion, because all 3 albums they’ve made are all so different from each other. They keep experimenting with their music and I love that about them. I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning, and I can’t get enough of them. To be honest, I don’t really like all the songs of their latest album, Waiting For The Morning To Come, but there are some good songs on that album!

My favourite album: Dear G-D
My favourite song: Ain't Nobody Perfect (Being As An Ocean)
Number of times I’ve seen them live: 2

3. Northlane
A lot of people love the old vocalist a lot of people love the new vocalist, well I like both of them. I get that change is hard, but both vocalists are amazing and I love all of their songs. They are really good at performing live and sometimes a little creepy because Jon Deiley, the guitarist, wears black contacts during their show.

My favourite album: Node
My favourite song: Equinox (ft. In Hearts Wake)
Number of times I’ve seen them live: 2

4. Stick To Your Guns
Stick To Your Guns is a metalcore band that’s been one of my favourite bands for such a long time. They are so good and I love them when they are playing live because then the crowd goes crazy! I love their songs and the meaning behind them, they are so beautiful. And that’s also one of the misconceptions about metalccore and hardcore. So many people think that they are just screaming without meaning, but if you look closer to the text, you will be in tears!

My favourite album: Disobedient
My favourite song: Left You Behind (Disobedient)
Number of times I’ve seen them live: 2

5. The Ghost Inside
The Ghost Inside is such a good band and I’m kind of sad that they still haven’t made some new music. I love listening to their music and I just wish that there’s going to be a new song or album. I do get that they are taking a break, that’s normal, but a girl can hope, okay?

My favourite album: Get What You Give
My favourite song: This Is What I Know About Sacrifice (Get What You Give)
Number of times I’ve seen them live: 3