College update #5

My exams are finally over and I can share my results with you guys! I’m so happy that my exams are over because they were so exhausting! I have so much difficulty with studying because I get easily distracted and everything else is just more interesting than what I need to study!

My exams itself were difficult too! I had to study so much and it felt like I kept seeing new stuff that I hadn’t studied before. And there were also times that I couldn’t focus on my exams, so I kinda lost some precious time. And then Financial Management was the worst exam ever. During this semester I already knew that this exam was going to be really difficult because I didn’t really understand FM but then when I saw the exam I wanted to cry. It was so difficult!

But I’ll stop rambling about my exams and show you guys my results:

Business English: 12/20
Business French: 11/20
Financial Management: 9/20
Media Management: 11/20
Multilingual communication: 14/20
Professional Skills: 16/20
Office in Practice: 12/20

I’m glad that my exams are over and I’m kinda okay that I have to redo my Financial Management exam. I expected it and I hope I’ll pass this exam in the summer.
I’m really looking forward to blog and read the entire summer. This exam period was really stressful and I need some time to relax! I’m also going to study for my driver’s licence since I still haven’t got it. Wish me luck!

I hope those who still go to school/college/university had some great grades too and feel free to let me know how your exams went!