Dear Amy | Review (Guest post written by Elise)

Title: Dear Amy
Author: Helen Callaghan
Pages: 344 pages
Version: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin
Rating: ★★★

‘A local schoolgirl has been missing for weeks when Margot Lewis, agony aunt of the Dear Amy advice column, receives a letter.

Dear Amy, I’ve been kidnapped by a strange man. I don’t know where I am.
Please help me, Bethan Avery.

This must be a hoax. Because Bethan Avery is another young girl, who went missing twenty years ago.
As more letters arrive, Margot becomes consumed by finding the sender and- unlike the police- convinced that the girls’ disappearances are connected.

Solving this puzzle could save someone’s life- but could it also cost Margot her own?’

This psychological thriller was an interesting concept, which has the possibility to deliver an incredible story. I liked it. That is about all. I did not see it as a story that would stay with me, or a book I will remember forever. Instead, by halfway through the book I was somewhat forcing myself to finish reading it. For me, it was not fast paced enough. The twists were predictable, and the characters were unlikeable. Something made it just ‘meh’.

Helen’s writing style is fabulous, and I enjoy the way she tells the story. I think it is more the story itself that I did not like. The plot itself was fabulous, original and something that could have worked extremely well. However, for someone that reads quite a lot of crime related stories this really was not up there with the greatest.

It isn’t that I don’t recommend this book, as it was very highly hyped and does have some very interesting moments. However, I don’t know how to explain this book other than sad. Not just the storyline but the whole thing itself. If you are majorly into crime books, you would have seen better that would make this seem terrible. Yet if you just dabble in psychological thrillers, you may find this book works for you!

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