Fangs & Fins | Review

Title: Fangs & Fins
Series: Blood, Bloom & Water
Author: Amy McNulty
Pages: 332 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing
Rating: ★★★


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Amy McNulty!

Fangs & Fins is the first book in the Blood, Bloom & Water series and tells the story of Ember and her step-sister Ivy. They are both opposites, but they have one thing in common: having the interest of a vampire and a merman…

Fangs & Fins is such an interesting concept! I really like that there are vampires and mermaids in this book. I’ve never read about these 2 creatures combined in 1 book so that made Fangs & Fins definitely original!

I liked the main characters, Ember and Ivy, because they were both opposites but at the same time they weren’t a bit shallow. It felt like the characters weren’t really persons and I couldn’t connect with them. I had the same feeling with Dean and Calder, they both seemed great but they weren’t that deep.

The story itself was interesting but slow-paced. I had a hard time reading this book because the writing style just wasn’t my thing and I didn’t always like the double perspective. Sometimes I didn’t want to read in Ember’s perspective or sometimes I didn’t want to read in Ivy’s perspective. I just wasn’t feeling the characters.

Besides the negative points, I’m still interested in reading the sequel, Salt & Venom!