Pride Month rainbow liner | Tutorial

Since it’s Pride Month, I wanted to create something with a rainbow so that’s why I came up with this rainbow liner. It’s by far one of the easiest looks if you are able to create winged liners, but I still wanted to make this liner because I think it’s cute and I’m really grateful for Pride Month because it means so much to me, as a bisexual, to know that people from the LGBTQIAPD are being accepted by the rest of the world! I know that there are still a lot of people that are being bullied or not accepted, but I hope that one day everyone is going to accept each other the way they are!

I hope you guys will like this rainbow liner and will recreate it!🏳️‍🌈

1. Make a winged liner with your concealer. I did this step so that all the colours could stand out more.

2. First, we start with red, I used two colours to make a more beautiful shade of red but you can, of course, use whatever red eyeshadow you have. This counts for all the colours, you don’t need to buy the Nyx palette if you have these colours in another palette!

3. The second colour in the liner is orange.

4. For the third colour, I mixed again two shades of yellow to become a more beautiful shade.

5. After yellow comes green. I used a lighter and a darker green to create the green that I like.

6. The fifth colour is blue.

7. And I ended the wing with purple, and again I used two shades.

8. I wanted to make the liner a bit darker, so I made a small line close to my lashes. I also cleaned up the wing. I just used the black lipstick I was going to use later in this tutorial because it was the closest. I’m not sure if it’s eye-safe so please check before using a lipstick so close to your eyes!

9. After the liner, I applied some mascara and lashes.

10. For highlighter, I used the Jeffree Star Cosmetics one because Jeffree does so much for the LGBT+ community! I also used it on my cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

11. And for my lips, I used a black lipstick because I the eyes were so colourful and I just felt like wearing black lipstick! You can also wear this look with some nude lips if that’s something you feel more comfortable with!

And that’s it!🏳️‍🌈