Fatal Infatuation | Review

Title: Fatal Infatuation
Series: Almost Human, The First Trilogy #1
Author: Melanie Nowak
Pages: 246 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Melanie Nowak!

Felicity is going to college to feel independent and like an adult and that plan goes well until she discovers that there are vampires all around her college! Cain is an elder vampire who tries to educate other vampires to live peacefully next to humans. They both get to know each other and everything doesn’t go according to plan…

I really liked Fatal Infatuation because it’s not just your typical vampire romance. It wasn’t really love at first sight and the vampire wasn’t just a blood-sucking demon or at least a vampire that always drinks blood. Cain is a vampire that lives on animal blood and tries not to drink human blood.

I really liked that there was a double perspective. It gives you a better view of the characters, you get to know them better because you can read all their emotions and how they really feel. In most books, you try to think what the guy (or girl) is thinking, but now you can read it for yourself. I also really like that you can tell that Cain’s a few hundred years old. The way he says things makes it really obvious!

Fatal Infatuation started a bit slow for me, but the more I read the more I enjoyed reading this book. I love a good vampire book and this was definitely a good one! I cannot wait to continue this series and find out more about Felicity and Cain!

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