Graphic liner inspired by Kayteeellen | Tutorial

I love love love Kayteeellen because she’s so talented with make-up and she’s a huge inspiration for me! When you look at her Instagram, you can find colourful looks as well as graphic liner looks, and I wanted to make a graphic liner look inspired by her.

I hope you guys like this look as much as I do and you can always give me some ideas for other tutorials!

1. Draw how you want your eyeliner to look with a light hand so that you can easily correct mistakes. I used my regular eyeliner but you can always use another type of eyeliner!

2. Make your liner thicker and more precise. This can be a hard step so take your time to avoid making mistakes.

3. Add glitter primer and glitter to your eyelid. This was a bit tricky because the glitter was on the liner and then the liner wasn’t as black as it used to, so I had to go over it with my eyeliner again.

4. Smudge some gel liner on the bottom lashes and make a fine line above your lashes so that it’s easier to apply the false lashes.

5. Apply some mascara and false lashes.

6. Highlight your face with a highlighter that matches your glitter.

7. And the final step is lipstick. I went with a pinkish-purple lipstick because it matched the glitter.

And that’s it! 🖤