Magic at Midnight | Review

Title: Magic At Midnight
Authors: Lyssa Chiavari, T. Damon, Dorothy Dreyer, Clare Dugmore, Mary Fan, Leigh Hellman, Clara Kensie, Mark C. King, Karissa Laurel, Melanie McFarlane, Amy McNulty, Selenia Paz, Madeehah Reza, K.M. Robinson, Jane Watson
Pages: 476 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing


This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Snowy Wings Publishing!

Magic at Midnight is a Young Adult fairytale anthology written by 15 authors, so 15 fairytale retellings. The retellings are written in different genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, historical, paranormal, … So there’s definitely a story for everyone!

Retelling 1: Cinderella A.I. by Lyssa Chiavari 4/5
Retelling: Cinderella

Retelling 2: Tresses & Erubescence by Amy McNulty 2/5
Retelling: Rapunzel

Retelling 3: Magic All Around by Jane Watson 4.5/5
Retelling: The Goblin and the Grocer

Retelling 4: Little Rue by T. Damon 3/5
Retelling: Little Red Riding Hood

Retelling 5: The Inventor’s Daughter by Selenia Paz 4/5
Retelling: Beauty and the Beast

Retelling 6: A Brackish Shore by Leigh Hellman 2/5
Retelling: The Little Mermaid

Retelling 7: The Forest of Carterhaugh by Karissa Laurel 3/5
Retelling: The Ballad of Tam Lin

Retelling 8: The Pitiless Prisoner of Hamelin by Mark C. King 2/5
Retelling: The Pied Piper

Retelling 9: The Goose Girl and the Artificial by K.M. Robinson 4/5
Retelling: The Goose Girl

Retelling 10: Dance of Deception by Clara Kensie 4.5/5
Retelling: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Retelling 11: The False Nightingale by Mary Fan 4/5
Retelling: The Nightingale

Retelling 12: Leo 6 by Melanie McFarlane 3/5
Retelling: Rumpelstiltskin 

Retelling 13: Solstice Spell by Clare Dugmore 3/5
Retelling: The Nutcracker Prince

Retelling 14: Morsel by Dorothy Dreyer 3/5
Retelling: Hansel and Gretel

Retelling 15: Wires and Blood by Madeehah Reza 2/5
Retelling: Pinocchio

TOTAL: 48/75 = 3/5

So overall I really enjoyed reading Magic at Midnight, but a lot of stories were about artificial intelligence and it’s not that it isn’t interesting but it just kinda gets boring because it’s always the same. It would’ve been better if some stories were about something else like mermaids, ghosts, … instead of artificial intelligence.

I do think that there were some really interesting retellings and I cannot wait to discover and read more books written by these authors!