Top 5 websites every blogger should use

I love when bloggers make blog posts about websites, apps, programs, … that they really like and help with creating beautiful content for their blogs. I love these helpful blog posts so that’s why I wanted to make one myself. I’ve been using these websites for such a long time that I just can’t live without them. I hope these websites are useful for you guys and let me know if you’ve tried any of these websites!

1. Canva 
Canva is my number one favourite website for creating graphics such as headers and logos. I discovered this website at college and since then I never stopped using it. It’s such a handy website, and you can create everything. You can create business cards, flyers, headers for your blog, …

2. Later
It’s always easier when you can schedule your posts when you go to work or college. When you’re having a break, you don’t always think like ‘oh, I still need to tweet my new blog post’. Later is an amazing website/app that you can use to schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

3. Pinterest
I’ve been using Pinterest Business Profile for a little while and it’s a good website to gain more traffic on your blog. With the Business Profile, you can manage your views and see which post does the best. I highly recommend the Business Profile. It may be a bit hard to set up, but you can always ask me some questions about it!

4. Twitter
It may sound obvious, but Twitter is such an important website to gain views! You have a lot of accounts for retweeting blog posts and that’s another way to gain more traffic. Two of my favourite RT accounts are @BloggersTribe and @bloggerclan! You can also create some Twitter chats where you share your latest blog posts and the ones from the chat, give your latest blog post a read and maybe a comment!

5. Planoly
Sometimes I forget to post pictures on Instagram so Planoly is my lifesaver! You can schedule Instagram posts for free, you can check if the pictures match your theme and it counts the number of hashtags you use (you can only use 30 hashtags per post). Planoly is so handy and like I said before: a lifesaver!

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