Top 5 favourite teas part 2

Here I am with another top 5 favourite teas! I just love more teas than just 5 so here’s another 5!

1. Clipper Zen Again
Zen Again is the second Clipper tea that I’ve tried and I fell in love with this one again. Zen Again is an organic infusion tea with lemongrass, eucalyptus and ginkgo. This tea is just amazing and so delicious like the Love Me Truly tea and I cannot wait to try out another Clipper tea.

2. Kruidvat Beauty Kruidenthee (Dutch)
Kruidvat is a Dutch store and they have all sorts of things and one of those things is tea. The Beauty tea has raspberries, lemon and elderflower in it. It’s a herbal tea which means that it’s not really a sweet tea, but it’s still really delicious.

3. Lipton Forest Fruit

Like I mentioned in my previous top 5 favourite teas, I love berry-flavoured teas and this one is also a favourite of mine. The Lipton Forest Fruit is a tea with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red currants and cherries. It’s a really sweet tea and it was one of the first teas that I’ve ever drunk and I even think that this tea got me into drinking tea.

4. Higher Living Green Tea Coconut
I love everything that smells like coconut. Is there a shampoo? I need it! Is there a lip balm? I need it! Is there a bath bomb? I need it! And when I saw the Higher Livnig Green Tea Coconut, I just had to try it! Higher Living is such an affordable tea and I really like their teas. Green Tea Coconut is a green tea with a hint of coconut and I really like it!

5. Pickwick Fruit Fusion Variation Box
This Pickwick tea box contains 4 different kinds of flavours, namely: Cherry & Blackcurrant, Raspberries & Strawberries, Mango & Orange and Lemon & Pineapple. I really like this tea box because you have 4 kinds of flavours in 1 box, it’s super handy if you would like to travel with it.