Underworld | Review

Title: Underworld
Author: Melissa Jennings
Pages: 122 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Release date: 10 October 2018
Rating: ★


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Melissa Jennings!

but what I did learn is that you never know who people really are.
I never wanted to find x, I wanted to find why.
I wanted to know why I was never good enough for people.

Underworld is a poetry collection about mental health, identity and the unspoken. This poetry collection has poems about anxiety, depression, difficult parental relationships, self-harm, dissociation, suicide, …

I end every night
tears tearing me open,
sewing me back together.

Underworld is the first poetry collection I read written by Melissa Jennings and I really liked. The poems were so beautiful and you can definitely tell that Melissa put their heart into this collection. I also really like that they made a content warning page because I’ve never read such a page before and I think it’s really helpful for people who don’t like to read about a certain topic.

I felt like a hostage in my own body,
depression gagging me with tears, 
and anxiety dragging me across my floor

I cannot wait to read more of Melissa’s work and here are my favourite poems:
  • Around We Go
  • How to Find x + y
  • Hear Me
  • We Suck at Goodbyes
  • This House is Not a Home
  • Lethal
  • The Thorns of the Heart
  • I Couldn’t Heart the Train Coming
  • Hades
  • Every Day is Father’s Day Because You Weren’t There
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Different Kinds of Light
  • Do You Still Burn?
  • This Sun Will Never Rise Again
  • A Rare Love Poem From Hell
  • I Will Drive My Own Hearse