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Title: What The Flower Says of Death
Author: Danielle Koste
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Themes: Death, suicide, family, relationships
Release date: 25 September 2018

Violet Holt has already met Death once.

After a failed suicide attempt, she finds herself dumped by her callous mother on the doorstep of her family’s desolate oceanside estate. With only the company of her estranged grandmother, comatose grandfather, and the monsters in her head, at least there was no one to interfere with her plans to try again on her eighteenth birthday.

No one, except maybe Jack: a skeleton of a boy who says he’s there to rake her grandmother’s leaves, yet seems more experienced at stalking than grounds-keeping. She knows he’s keeping a secret behind his gentle smiles and aloofness, but it’s difficult for Violet to be put off by his untimely thin-air appearances when figuring out the mystery of his true identity makes for such a good distraction.

Violet’s trauma is deeper than the wound on her wrist though, and it cannot be simply whisked away in a whirlwind of guessing games and pleasant gestures. She struggles to reconnect with her grandmother, find forgiveness for her mother, and closure with her grandfather’s dire condition, all while battling the strain of it all on her family. Even with a flicker of something hopeful blossoming within herself, Violet knows her birthday plans must be inevitable.

Death wouldn’t be there for her if it wasn’t.

Author bio
Danielle Koste is a born and raised Canadian, but currently lives with her significant other in the equally snowy and cold Stockholm, Sweden. While working a day job and learning the language of the locals, she spends her free time honing the craft she's always had a passion for.

When procrastinating, Danielle likes to enjoy other forms of rich story-telling, besides the obvious abundance of novels filling up her apartment and Kindle. Movies, music, and video games are among her favorite time-wasters.

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This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Danielle Koste!

What The Flower Says of Death tells the story of Violet attempted suicide, but failed to do so. She’s struggling with her inner darkness and is being sent to her grandmother so her mother doesn’t need to deal with her anymore. Violet is still planning her next suicide in her journal, but then a boy called Jack is trying to change her mind. Will he be able to get rid of Violet’s darkness?

I knew it was morbid. I knew it was sick. I knew it was dirty and wrong and dangerous, and that’s why the journal was secret.

What The Flower Says of Death was such a dark yet beautiful book. When I started reading the first chapter, I knew that this book was going to be hard for me. This book deals with anxiety, depression, and suicide. I don’t mind reading about those things, but they do mean something to me. I think that this book is important because we need to talk about these things and get rid of the taboo!

I wished I was like the ivy, with the instinctual need to dig my roots into everything; clinging to life, solid and stable. Instead, I was more like the leaves, alone and ready to fall away at any moment.

When I finished What The Flower Says of Death I was so speechless. It was such a beautiful book and I couldn’t stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen to Violet and who Jack really was. I think that Danielle Koste did an amazing job because she made me fall in love with her story and her characters.

"If I can’t change your mind, I’d at least like to know your last days, however many you have left, are all as beautiful as they deserve to be.’

I would love to read a short story about Violet and Jack, perhaps of them meeting again or perhaps of them when Jack was human and how they met. I fell in love with these characters so it’s really hard to say goodbye to them. 

What The Flower Says of Death was so good and I cannot wait to read other books written by Danielle Koste!