Clown look | Tutorial

My third look is a clown look. I wanted to create a clown look that was simple because I’m all for a cool Halloween look that’s easy to recreate. Diana and I both created a clown look, only hers is in colour and mine is in black and white. One of our friends came up with the idea of doing a collab so that’s what we did! I’m really happy with our looks, so I hope you guys are too!
Make sure to check out Diana’s look, blog and social media!

Let’s begin with the tutorial!

1. It’s always easy to sketch with a white pencil instead of going straight in with the paint. You can always use a nude or light pink pencil if you don’t have a white one.

2. After sketching, you can fill in the collar.

3. I wanted to give the collar something extra so that’s why I created these little dots.

4. I was inspired by Pennywise from It, so that’s why I extended my smile all the way up to my eyebrows.

5. For eyes, I decided to go with a smokey look. First I applied the gel liner on my eyelid and blended it with a black eyeshadow. As you can see in the next step, I darkened my eyebrows. I did this with the same black eyeshadow.

6. For lashes, I went with two pairs. The half lashes were for my bottom lashes, and the full lashes were for my upper lashes.

7. And the final step is lipstick. I applied black lipsticks on my lips and then softened the edges with black eyeshadow.

And that’s it!