October favourites

  • Soft Thorns by Bridgett Devoue*
Soft Thorns was the first poetry collection that I’ve read by Bridgett Devoue and it was such a beautiful one! I could relate to so many poems and it was just wow! 
  • Someday Soon (Not Yet #3) by Laura Ward*
I was trying to complete my Netgalley TBR pile and Someday Soon was one of the books that was on this list. I already knew that I was going to like this book because of the synopsis and when I finished it, I didn’t just like it, I loved it! 
  • Wild Child by A.S. Green*
Wild Child was yet another amazing New Adult book that I read this month. Wild Child was such a beautiful story, and I couldn’t stop reading it. 
  • Secrets of a Broken Heart by Lee Martens*
Secrets of a Broken Heart was another beautiful poetry collection that I read this month. It was so nice to read a poetry collection from someone closer to my country, because Lee Martens is from the Netherlands. 
  • Limits by Susie Tate*
I really love reading books about mental illnesses and this was one of the best ones I’ve read so far. Limits tells the story of someone who suffers from anxiety so it was really relatable and also such an inspiring story!
  • Faking It (Losing It #2) by Cora Carmack
Faking It was one of the books I recently bought and finally had the time to read it. I really liked this story because it was fun and quick. To be honest, I read a lot of good New Adult books this month haha!

The books with ‘*’ will have a review that will be up somewhere in November!

Food & Drinks
  • Momade Cupcakes
The last Monday of October I went to Antwerp with my best friend, and we ate some delicious cupcakes. I ate one with some Halloween decorations, and she ate a normal one. I really loved my cupcake and Momade Cupcakes just makes the best cupcakes ever!

  • Del Popolo Pizza
Like I mentioned above, I went to Antwerp with my best friend and we ate one of the best pizza ever! I mean, look at the picture!!!

  • Essence Halloween blogger mail
I was having such a shitty day and then my mum called me and said I received a package from Happy Life PR. When she opened it for me and told me what was inside the package, I was so happy! I love Halloween and I love Essence products so this was one of the best blogger mail I’ve ever got! So thanks again Happy Life PR and Essence!

  • Catrice Brow Pro Pen
In August I got another package from Happy Life PR with the Catrice Bam Brow Limited Edition Brow Serum and Brow Pro Pen. I wasn’t really a fan of the serum but I love using the Brow Pro Pen because it’s just so amazing and the perfect shade, I have shade CO1 Golden Beige.
  • Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer
At the beginning of this month, I bought this concealer and I couldn’t stop using it. The Nyx HD Photogenetic Concealer used to be my favourite concealer but this one is so much better! I love the formula and the Makeup Revolution concealer is cheaper and just better! For those that are interested, I use the shade C2 (for once I don’t have the lightest shade haha!)

  • Venom
I’m a huge Marvel fan, so its obvious that I had to include Venom to my favourites. Venom was such a cool movie and I couldn’t stop laughing! When the movie is out on DVD or on Netflix, I will definitely watch it again and again!

TV shows
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
I watched the first episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I immediately knew that I was going to love every episode! So far I’m at episode 5 and I have to stop myself from binge watching it. I want to watch one episode a day because I don’t want this season to be over. It’s just so good and I highly recommend it!