Vampire look | Tutorial

Sadly, this is already my last tutorial. I’m kinda sad that it’s almost Halloween because we don’t really celebrate Halloween. I never have the chance to dress up and make my face scary, which makes me kinda sad. Creating these Halloween looks the past couple of weeks, made me really happy and made me feel very creative. I’m already excited for next year haha!

For my last look, I have a vampire look for you guys. I really like vampires, I love reading books about them and watching movies about them. They’re definitely one of my favourite supernatural creatures, so I hope you guys like this look!

1. The first thing I did for this look was painting my face white. I’m already really pale, but I wanted to make it even paler.

2. The second step is the eyeshadow. I went for a lot of black eyeshadow because vampires are really dark.

3. Vampires always drink blood so that’s why I wanted to give this look a hint of red.

4. I went for black eyeliner to make this look a bit darker. This step is not necessary.

5. Some vampires get red veins in their eyes so that’s why I decided to use a red eyeliner in my waterline. Then I smudged it a bit with some black eyeshadow.

6. I got these bat lashes two years ago and I really like the effect of them. They are perfect for this look! (I also made my eyebrows darker by putting on some black eyeshadow.)

7. I decided to go with some highlighter because I cannot live without my highlighter haha! I also used a black eyeshadow as a contour/bronzer.

8. And the last step is lips. I went for black lips with blood.