5 Oct 2018

Witch look | Tutorial

It’s finally time for my Halloween tutorials! I was so excited for Halloween this year, so I started creating my looks in early September because I was just that ready for Halloween. My first look for Halloween is a look inspired by witches. I used a lot of black and green highlighter because I was thinking about the wicked witch.

I hope you guys like this look and let me know what you think!

I also edited my picture to make it look a little creepier, so I hope I did a good job haha!

1. The first step is to paint a part of your face black and set it with black eyeshadow, doesn’t matter which one.

2. Then you apply green highlighter all over the black paint to give it a special look.

3. I wanted to do something special with my eyes and eyebrows so you could see them with all the black and that’s why I decided to go over them with white eyeliner.

4. For my lips, I used a black liquid lip and smudged it with some black eyeshadow. On top of the lipstick, I used the green highlighter.

5. And the last step is painting your chest with black paint and then on top green highlighter.

And that's it!

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  1. This is such an incredible look, like oh man it takes my breath away.
    I love the green highlighter on black, it looks amazing and witchy and S C A R Y.
    I am seriously considering trying this for Halloween.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. Awhh thank you so much Cora! Please send me a photo when you've tried this look!🖤

  2. This is incredible, it's so scary but I love it!

  3. Such an incredible look! I love this, it's sooo perfect!


  4. Soooo talented. This is helping me with some inspiration for Halloween this year!

  5. Oh wow! This is such a cool look and deffo inspired me for my Halloween look this year. You're so talented xx


  6. I can’t even deal with how talented you are!


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