Never Say Die tour 2018

Last week I went to the Never Say Die tour in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and I had an amazing time! I went to the Never Say Die tour in 2015 and it was so amazing so when I found out that Alazka, Being As An Ocean and Northlane were coming this year, I just had to go!

First, I’m going to talk a bit about the Never Say Die tour. The Never Say Die tour is a metalcore concert tour in the UK and Europe to raise awareness of suicide, or just mental health in general. Hope For The Day is also present during this tour and gives a speech about mental health and suicide. All proceeds of Hope For The Day go to their suicide prevention and mental health education programming.

Casey © All Things Loud 
I think that going to this tour is also something personal because I struggle with my mental health and every time Hope For The Day gives their speech, I have to cry because it’s just so beautiful. It would mean a lot if you could check out their website: Hope For The Day and perhaps donate or buy something from their store if you can! I bought a beautiful t-shirt that you can see on my Instagram!

Now let’s talk about the bands! This year we have a list of 7 bands: Thousand Below, Currents, Polar, Casey, Alazka, Northlane and Being As An Ocean. My boyfriend and I arrived a little late so we didn’t go to see Thousand Below, but we did see all the other bands.

I really like checking out new bands and the Never Say Die tour is perfect for this because it’s so affordable. I’ve never heard of Currents, Polar and Casey before but I really liked them, especially Casey. Casey is a Welsh band and I think that their music is really beautiful and special. Their latest album, Where I Go When I’m Sleeping, is about mental health and that album really touched me. After the show, I looked up this album and it’s just so beautiful!

Northlane © All Things Loud
I’ve seen Alazka, Northlane and Being As An Ocean a few times now and they still amaze me with their music and talent. Alazka and Being As An Ocean are two of my favourite bands and seeing them always makes me smile. I love their music and the lyrics are so beautiful. Northlane is also an amazing band and I really liked their show!

The Never Say Die tour was amazing and I cannot wait for next year’s edition!