Pink cut crease | Tutorial

I’ve always been in love with cut crease looks because they look so amazing. I tried to do one myself and I really like the result. I’ve already tried to do a small cut crease in my two toned look, and now I went for a full cut crease. I went for a pink cut crease with glitter and black eyeliner! To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult because this is the easy variant of a cut crease, but I still think it looks amazing if I may say so myself.

I hope you guys love this look and make sure to recommend me some looks you want me to (re)create!

1. The first thing is applying pink eyeshadow in the crease. You can go a bit higher with the pink if you have hooded eyes because otherwise you cannot see the cut crease or you cannot see the pink when you do the cut crease.

2. Then we create the cut crease with concealer and go over it with a white or skin-coloured eyeshadow.

3. After creating the cut crease, we are going to give it an extra touch with some glitter. I used this Metal Shock Eyeshadow but you can also use a glitter liner or loose glitter.

4. I went for black eyeliner for this look because it felt a little naked and boring.

5. Then I went for pink of the lash line and glitter on the inner part of the lash line.

6. After the lash line, we finish the eyes with mascara and lashes.

7. I went for a cold-toned pink highlighter because the pink on the eyes is already really warm and I wanted to do warm-toned lips.

8. And the last step is lipstick!
And that’s it!