December favourites

  • Blinding Night (Blinding Night #1) by Chantal Gadoury
Blinding Night is the first book I’ve ever read by Chantal Gadoury and wow, what an amazing book! I loved the story, the characters and it was just so addictive! I cannot wait for the second book in the series!
  • Shadow Walker (Bloody Hearts #1) by Anya J. Cosgrove
Shadow Walker was another book written by a new author. I really liked the story because it was so original. I haven’t read something like this before and that makes me even more excited to read a book! My review will be up in January, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!
  •  The Dating Alternative by Jennifer Woodhull
The Dating Alternative was such a funny and beautiful New Adult/Romance book. I really liked the story because it’s not just about love but also about discovering yourself after heartbreak, trying to find the right job, and family and friends are important to the main characters. I loved that The Dating Alternative is not just about the romance but also other important things in life. My review will be up next week!

  • A Christmas Prince 
In my November favourites, I mentioned that I loved The Princess Switch and this month I watched another Christmas movie: A Christmas Prince. A Christmas Prince was just such a cute romance movie with a bit of a predictable ending, just like The Princess Switch. I love watching movies like these two because they’re feel-good movies.

TV shows
  • Vampire Knight and Violet Evergarden
I’ve been watching anime again after such a long time, and these two are definitely amazing anime. Last month I read Vampire Knight: Memories and because I liked it so much, I wanted to check out the anime. I fell in love with the anime, and I cannot wait to read the other manga. Violet Evergarden is another beautiful anime I watched this month and I hope that Netflix will make another season, it’s just that good!
  • Lucifer
Lucifer is definitely one of my all-time favourite TV shows because it’s just everything I want, it’s so funny with some romance and supernatural stuff. I mentioned Lucifer in my November favourites, and I’ll probably mention it in my January favourites just because this show is amazing!
  • You
I started watching a new Netflix TV show called You and I’m so glad that I started this show. It has such a creepy/stalker-y vibe, and I totally love it. I keep on watching episodes even though I have to study, it’s just that good!
  • First ever beauty blogger event
My sister was invited to a beauty blogger event, and she was so nice to take me with her. I’ve never been to a blogger event before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I really liked it. So many lovely people and good food!