My eyeliner collection

For those who know me in real life, you know that I love wearing coloured eyeliner. I really like to experiment with colours, and I don’t always want to wear the basic black liner. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a black wing, but I like wearing coloured liners too because it’s something just different.

My first few liners I’m going to show you guys are the Nyx liners. I own 4 Nyx liners and I really like them except one:
  • Nyx Matte Liner
  • Nyx Strictly Vinyl Liner in Dauntless
  • Nyx Vinyl Liquid Liner
  • Nyx White Liquid Liner

My first Nyx eyeliner was the Nyx Vinyl Liner, and I really loved it. After buying the Vinyl Liner a few times, I decided to try the Matte Liner and I think that’s my favourite one so far. The Strictly Vinyl Liner has the same formula as the Matte Liner, so I really like that one too and the White Liquid Liner has the same formula as well but isn’t as opaque as the others. The White Liner cracked everywhere, and it wasn’t beautiful at all.

Besides the Nyx liners, I have a lot of Essence eyeliners. I own five types of eyeliners and I really like all of them: 
  • Essence Liquid Gold Eyeliner in 01 ho-ho-ho (Limited Christmas edition)
  • Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner in 03 Steel The Grey, 05 Edgy Plum
  • Essence Melted Chrome Eyeliner in 03 Platinum Beauty
  • Essence Metal Art Lip & Eyeliner in 03 Coppy Right, 04 Pink Glam, 05 Rock Chick
  • Essence Superlast Eyeliner Matt Black

These eyeliners are all amazing but unfortunately, some of them are discontinued. I also want to say that the Essence eyeliners aren’t as waterproof as the Nyx liners. The Nyx and the Essence liners don’t claim to be waterproof but I think that the Nyx liners are a bit more waterproof than the Essence liners. I don’t really mind that at all because the Essence liners are still cheaper than the Nyx liners, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

The last eyeliner I own is a Nabla eyeliner I got from my sister. This eyeliner is the Nabla Dazzle Liner in Cruel Jewel, and it's such a beautiful red metallic liner. I love wearing this eyeliner alone or with a matte eyeshadow. I also like to pair this eyeliner with the Nyx Liquid Suede Metallic Matte lipstick in Biker Babe.

So this is my eyeliner collection that I will probably expand by buying more coloured eyeliners, haha. Do you have any recommendations for eyeliners?