5 Dec 2018

Things I wish I was good at

Everyone has so many strengths and things they are good at, but they also want to be good at other things. I am like that too. There are a few things I wish I was good at, some of these things I can become good at, some of them are just impossible.

The first thing I wish I was good at was ballet. My mum was a ballerina and because of her, I always wanted to be one too. My mum got a lot of physical problems and illnesses because of ballet and I could inherit them, so I never really got the opportunity to dance ballet. Even though I’m not ‘allowed’ to dance, I love watching TV shows and movies about ballet, and ballet performances.

Writing poetry
The second thing I wish I was good at is writing poetry. I love reading poetry and it would be amazing to be able to write it. I can come up with beautiful sentences but they don’t really fit together and I’m also not really sure how to write it, with that I mean the layout, etc.

I think everyone likes to be good at singing. Everyone loves singing along with their favourite songs and unfortunately my voice isn’t that pretty to listen to. You can somewhat learn to sing, but it doesn’t mean that your voice is beautiful when you’re singing the right notes.

Being confident
Being confident is something I wish I was able to be. I do have my moments that I think I’m pretty and everything, but I always compare myself to others, I compare my body to others like ‘she’s skinnier so she’s prettier’, ‘her hair is longer than mine so she’s prettier’, … It’s sad to think that it’s like a competition or something when in reality it’s not.

Not being sensitive
I’m always so sensitive and I’m always on the verge of crying when someone’s angry or when I have to say something ‘bad". I'm always trying to be strong and keep repeating the "bad" thing in my mind, but at the moment I'm telling someone the "bad" thing I immediately cry. I even cry when I don't really have a reason to cry. I think that my emotions are a bit too strong and that's why I'm so sensitive.

There are so many things that I wish I was good at, but in the end, I am who I am and I am okay with that.

What is something you want to be good at?


  1. This is a great idea for a post! I have very similar things I wish I was good at to be honest but it’s great to give you something to work towards!

  2. I wish I was more confident too, I used to be so shy and although I’ve improved, I’d like to improve more!
    - Kyra | lovekyra.000webhostapp.com

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish I could be less sensitive as well! I've always been extremely sensitive... I feel like I have come a long way since I was a kid and realized it wasn't necessarily a good trait, but I still have a LONG way to go. Great post!! <3

  4. Many poets begin feeling that way. Part of the joy in being a poet is discovering your own unique writing style. Poems must be edited until those beautiful lines do fit together. I wish I had more confidence too. I also wish I could cook, because I'm hopeless!

    1. Thank you!😊 And omg yes, I wish I could cook too!

  5. Confidence is something that grows with age, even people that are confident aren't always good at it! I wish I was good at being more academic and studious, I always leave it until the last minute!


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