27 Feb 2019

The Blood Prince | Blog tour

Title: The Blood Prince
Series: Sovereign #3
Author: Josie Jaffrey
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult
Release date: 20 February 2019


The price of freedom is always paid in blood.

The sovereigns of the Silver have awakened, but the Queen is a fractured shell of the woman Cam remembers. He hopes to put her back together by finding her son, the missing prince. At least, that’s what he tells his friends when he leaves for the Red.

Back in the Blue, Julia’s old tormentor Rufus is hounding her at every turn. She’s sick of feeling powerless, but she has a plan that will bring the Nobles to their knees.

All she needs is blood.



This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Josie Jaffrey!

The Blood Prince is the third and final book in the Sovereign series and tells the story of Julia, Cam and their friends.

The Blood Prince was yet again another amazing Paranormal book by Josie Jaffrey. I loved all the books in the Solis Invicti series and the first two books in the Sovereign series, so it wasn’t a surprise that I was going to love The Blood Prince.

I think that Josie Jaffrey’s created an amazing and original world with fantastic characters and I couldn’t get enough of it. I read this book in two days because it was just that fast paced and well written. I had to know what was going to happen to the characters and how this book was going to end.

The characters are so lovable. I really love Julia and Lucas, and after finishing this book I wish there was like an extra novella about them because I’d love to read more about them. I also loved that Josie Jaffrey used characters from the Solis Invicti series such as Emmy and Sol. And then you have Cam and Felix… They’re so cute together and they deserve their happily ever after!

I’m sad that this series is over but I cannot wait to discover Josie Jaffrey’s next series.

1. Living Underground, a very short standalone vampire romance, is currently FREE to download (until 17th Feb). Download here.
2. The Gilded King, the first book in the Sovereign series, is FREE to download. Links here.
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Julia sipped at her tea, relishing the warmth as it spread into her chest.
‘I just thought he was going to change things,’ she said. ‘I thought the Queen was supposed to come back, wake up the King and bring us a cure for the contamination.’
‘But you know what the contamination really is now. We both know what it really is.’
The Weeper vaccine. The Silver cure. 
Julia had told Livia the truth the moment she’d returned from the Red.
‘I know,’ said Julia, ‘but still, shouldn’t something have changed? All the lives lost and battles fought and still things are happening exactly as they used to. The Candidates are still being cast, the Attendants are still bleeding, the Servers are still slaving, and above it all the Nobles are still taking exactly what they want from us. How is that fair?’
Livia settled back in her seat. ‘Well, now, that depends on what you’re asking. If you’re asking how it’s fair that they’ve used us for this long, then the answer is it’s not. It’s never been fair, and there’s no wiping that blame away from them. But if you’re asking how it’s fair that they’re still allowed to use us when you know very well what has the power to make them stop… Well, that’s a different question, isn’t it?’
Julia put her tea aside, no longer thirsty.
‘What are you saying?’ she said. ‘You know what’s in the blood of them outside the Blue. The way I see it, you’ve got a choice: either you accept things as they are, or you do something about it.’
Julia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Yes, she’d resolved to change the way that things were in the Blue, and yes, the thing that had motivated her was the knowledge that the contamination could be used as a weapon against the Nobles, but she hadn’t quite put the two together into a course of action. The thought of actually using that weapon felt too extreme to contemplate.
But it was the logical end point, one Julia knew she’d have to accept.  

About the author 
I have always written stories, but it wasn't until I started the first book in the Solis Invicti series in 2014 that I really became obsessed with writing. I love to read, particularly where the escapism of the story is enhanced with an element of fantasy or science fiction. For me, writing is simply an extension of that journey, but I get to decide what happens next (though it's amazing how often the characters seem to decide for themselves what I'm going to write!).

I love to hear from readers with their comments and feedback on the books, so please do get in touch through my website or via Twitter.

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