Always With You | Review

Title: Always With You
Series: Indigo Trilogy #3
Author: Kate McBrien
Pages: 296 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★


Do you have the courage to know your past and fight for your future?

On the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, Justin and Lucy consult with Sophia, an elderly woman who is gifted in ways beyond the present and physical. What they learn is helpful but incomplete. The story of their past is hidden deeply within the Varangian Cross, and Sophia must have it to fully understand the connection that Justin and Lucy share. However, the cross is with its new owner in London and far too valuable to be loaned out for such an implausible tale.

 Disappointed, they prepare to return to London and confront the challenges from which they fled, resigned to leave the past behind, but the struggles of the past seem determined to revisit them.

Justin and Lucy are meant to be together. They are meant to know their past. The cross is the key to unlocking their story, and the source of their eternal and unbreakable bond.

Join Justin and Lucy as they put together the pieces to uncover their epic love story in Always With You, the trilogy’s poignant and passionate conclusion.

Note to readers: This book contains scenes which may be triggering to survivors of sexual violence.


This book was provided by the author through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kate McBrien and Netgalley!

Always With You is the third book in the Indigo Trilogy and continues the story of Lucy and Justin.

Just like the other books, Always With You started with a prologue and then we have Lucy and Justin’s story. When I fist read the prologue, I thought it was a bit odd that we didn’t really have an ending for the prologue’s main characters, but later on in the book, I figured out why.

Lucy and Justin are trying to find out their past and while we did get to know their past, I think the author made a huge mistake. Kate McBrien literally used the prologues and then wrote the ending for the prologues. She just copied and pasted the prologues from book 1–3… I mean I get that for people that didn’t binge read this trilogy, the sentences might not seem familiar, but for me they did. I just skipped those pages until the part I hadn’t read yet.

Something that was also a bit odd was that there was a bondage scene. It was like the author wanted to try and write BDSM but she failed miserably. It felt really forced and weird. It was like the author threw some things in the book but never really did something with those things.

But besides these two points, I still enjoyed Always With You. I liked that the characters got to know their past and that they got their HEA.

To be honest, this wasn’t the best trilogy I’ve ever read, but I still think that this story is different and interesting. I still recommend this trilogy because besides the writing, the story is really good!